Lockerbie Dryfesdale, Hutton and Corrie

Church of Scotland



Fairtrade Tradecraft Sunday 18th November.

Brian Hodgson’s daughter Kirsteen is bringing gifts and groceries for the above charity. She will be in the Meeting room after the Service.

This is a one off event but may be of interest as an opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts and support this Charity.

Guild Guest Afternoon

The Guild are celebrating National Guild Week by inviting all the guilds in our Presbytery plus the other churches in Lockerbie to join us on Monday afternoon 19th November in the  church hall at 1.45 p.m. The guest speaker is Mark Calder who works for Embrace ME helping to improve lives in the Middle East. We are hoping for a good attendance from guild members to welcome our guests and contributions of home baking will be gratefully received.

Reflective Service Sunday 25th November.

A Special Reflective Service (previously called the Blue Service) will take place on Sunday 25th November at 7p.m. in Dryfesdale Church. This service is for all those who may find this a difficult time of year. It will be a short service followed by a cup of tea and fellowship. All are welcome.

Toy Service

Our annual Toy Service will take place on Sunday 2nd December. We thought you would like to know in good time so that you can choose toys for those in need in our local area. Please wrap your gifts in Christmas paper and then clearly mark boy or girl and the age the gifts are for. We do appreciate your support with this.

Interim Moderator

If you need to contact the Interim Moderator Rev. Eric Dempster please telephone him on 01576 470496. Or email