Lockerbie Dryfesdale, Hutton and Corrie

Church of Scotland


Dear friends,

If you want to spend some time on the net, there is a second Corona time online service from Dryfesdale church:-). This time with only one day delay from Sunday. I hope next time I will manage to publish on Sunday...

I pray that you find inspiration and comfort in God's Word.

God bless!

Stepan Janca


Dear friends,

Don't be afraid - the invitation today is only virtual.

Unfortunately the churches are closed in the present circumstances, and
it includes our church in Lockerbie. But if you want to feel the
connection and have some time to spare, please try the following link:


There will be NO SERVICES at

either of our Churches until

further notice.

Please contact us if you need us.


If you need to contact the Minister Rev. Štĕpán Janča please telephone him at the manse on 01576 204 188,  or +420 739244607 or if you would rather send him an  Email