Lockerbie Dryfesdale, Hutton and Corrie

Church of Scotland

If you would like to donate a Christmas gift, please gift wrap your present and write boy or girl and the age on the gift tag.
Usually we would put the donated presents under the Christmas tree in Dryfesdale church but this year with Covid restrictions this won't be possible, we would ask you to bring donations to the church office. It will be open on Friday the 27th Nov 10am-12noon and Friday the 4th Dec 10am-12noon.
All gift donations will be collected by the Social work department and distributed to children in our area.
Thank you.




Good afternoon,

I thought you may like to see these beautiful pictures of out two lovely churches, the grass has been cut and the sun shining. Hopefully it will not be too long before we are back in them. I hope you are all staying safe and see you soon.



Dear friends, sisters and brothers,

I invite you again to join in the online worship service at youtube:

Premiere at 11.15 - if the speed of upload allows:-)

Stories of Moses and Nicodemus, nice hymns, and beautiful photographs by Garry Shanks.

God bless you!




A lovely poem for us all to enjoy from our session clerk - Grace.


Empty parks

Empty playgrounds

Empty churches

For now.

No rushing

No need to be so busy

No need to juggle our lives in the same way.

Time to slow down,

time to enjoy the early mornings,

time to listen to the dawn chorus

as it seems to get louder and louder.

Enjoy the sunshine, the sunsets and the much needed rain when it comes.

We have time to pause and reflect –

what do we hope to see in the

‘new normal’?

Have we taken time to reflect

on our relationship with God?

Do we give him time?

Is God’s voice speaking to us?

Are we listening?

God is everywhere why not let his

Voice reach out to us all?

He will be with us

whatever the days ahead bring.

Time is precious, enjoy it.

Grace Leopold.


Dear sisters and brothers, dear friends,

Today is Pentecost Monday, and I invite you again - if you want to - join in a short service (no sermon today:-)   

God bless you all!




Dear sisters and brothers, friends,

there is another Sunday service on our Dryfesdale church youtube channel:

This time it is not from Lockerbie - it is the Pentecost service for all
the Church of Scotland, led by the Moderator.

I hope you will enjoy the fellowship with many other Christians from all
over Scotland and beyond.

And if you want - we will have a small our own service tomorrow - for
the Pentecost Monday.

God bless!



Dear sisters and brothers,

I hope you are all all right, coping well with the virus lockdown.

Today's worship service is just being uploaded on youtube.

I hope you will enjoy it and I hope the Lord will use it for His glory.

God bless you!



A Poem by our Session Clerk - Grace Leopold.


Today I went into the garden and did something I had not done for ages – I sat down, I looked around and just observed – the amazing features of nature – flowers that I might have expected to see blooming in the winter are showing off their beautiful colours now, trees are budding, birds are singing – the blackbird having his daily bath always makes me smile.

I observe the beauty around me even in the midst of the awfulness of death due to corona virus not statistics but each one someone who was loved and cared for, someone who at present can only be remembered by thoughts and not by showing the love and respect by many. Today it feels overwhelming and yet God is there, here and everywhere walking with those in need, showing a love and compassion that sending Jesus his son gives to those who have Faith.

Difficult days but each day can give us something, it may be small but hold it in your memory – today I see it as I look around my garden, tomorrow I may see it in the smile of the person I meet on my walk.

Let us take this time to really observe, slow up and appreciate all we see.

Pray , praise but no matter what never give up hope.




Sunday 17th May 2020 Online Service



A lovely poem by Grace


Slow moving clear water,

covering smooth pebbles.

A lone heron stands unmoving

unfazed by the quiet movement of

man and dog.

No wind, no sound

silence, but no fear.

Nature in control

Nature given to us to enjoy,

to appreciate but also to protect.

Let us take care of our world together.

Grace Leopold


Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying safe, if you ever need help in anyway please contact me at or Tel:07743 735 074.

I saw this UK Blessing that lot's of different churches took part in, none local but still a very special listen. Please click the link below:

Wishing you all good health until this is over. Linda xxx


Anyone wishing to donate using an alternative method just now should email or call Kate and she can give you the details and/or forms you need.

Email :  Tel: 01576 610304



allo, friends, sisters and brothers,

I hope you all are all right.

There is another beautiful spring Sunday morning behind the windows, and
I invite you to the church - not the proper one yet but at least the
online one.

The service starts as usually at 11.15.

The link is here:

God bless!



Where does your inspiration come from?




Work colleagues



Out in nature –

trees in bud

flowers to add colour

birds to add their voices

to the world

In gardens, woods, forests

Be inspired by –

colour in our world

places in our world

Think of your special place and

Think of your special people

Then think of all the good things

Around you right where you are.

Grace Leopold


Dear friends,

Greetings to you all!

I am sending another invitation to the Lockerbie online church service.

I am sorry I didn't sent the link yesterday, I thought you might have
already found the regular path to our virtual church:-)

But if you haven't, and you want to watch, the link to the newest Church
of Scotland service from Lockerbie is here:

This is a channel where all our videos are stored:

If you want to be sure you always have information about new additions
immediately, you can register there, and they will send you a warning
every time anything is downloaded there.

But I will keep on sending warnings too, if you don't mind:-)

And I think I have already got to my routine (although it is somtimes
out of my hands - limited by slowness of my old computer and of the
internet connection), so you can expect the new service to appear there
every Sunday at the usual time of our Dryfesdale service, at 11.15.

Thank you all for your feedback on the previous services, I am very glad
the services inspire you to your own thinking about God, Jesus, and our

God bless you all!




Dear friends,

If you are lost in time - as I am in this lockdown time - I announce you
it is Sunday again:-D

And there is a new online church service from Lockerbie on youtube:

Please feel free to share it if you think someone else would like to get it.

I wish you all God's blessing

and I hope you all are keeping well and safe and enjoying nice weather
and free time with God.





Dear friends,

I greet you all with the ancient Easter Christian greeting:

Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

At 11.15 (Lockerbie time:-) an online Easter service will start (Easter
Sunday, 12.4.2020) - if you want join in worship, singing and praying
and listening to God's Word.

Again it is with some spring pictures from Lockerbie and surroundings.

And may God bless you all!




Crossreach are in urgent need of volunteers to help them continue providing vital care services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in Scotland during this unprecedented healthcare emergency.  The need is greatest in their residential care facilities and other services for the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable just now.  This call is being issued to ministers to publicise, while recognising that ministers may not be in a place to help with so much happening in so many different ways in these strange days, much of which is often new and demanding, but in the hope that you might share this request for help and support, and share it round other networks.


Crossreach are particularly looking for volunteers who have experience of working in care and/or nursing. Potential helpers might have looked after a relative in the past or would even like to learn new skills.  In addition, those staff with existing membership of the PVG scheme would be fast tracked into helping as soon as possible and therefore this would be a great benefit. The types of tasks they need assistance with are keeping people company/engaged, help with feeding residents, supporting hydration needs, and general cleaning tasks.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in place and would, of course, be provided.


If you have members of your congregation who are currently on furlough, from other roles, this may be something which they could take up.  Please find attached a spreadsheet showing Crossreach services, their geographical areas and the relevant congregation(s) closest.


If you are able to help, please email Mari Rennie, Crossreach’s Director of HR, at  They would be immensely grateful for our support at this time.


Easter Blessings to you all.

Sorry this service is late, technical problems, I hope you enjoy the service.



Although both our churches are closed at the moment you can still contact our Minister Rev. Stepan Janca if you need him or even just for a chat.

You can call him at the manse:  01576 204188

Or by email:


Dear friends,

It is very addictive to be able to watch the church service from the
safety of our living rooms, kitchens (or even beds:-). I really miss the
proper church fellowship but until the time is safe to come to church
again we have to manage with what is possible.

So, if you want, make yourself comfortable, and join in listening to
God's Word, prayer and singing:

God bless you all!


Dear friends,

If you want to spend some time on the net, there is a second Corona time online service from Dryfesdale church:-). This time with only one day delay from Sunday. I hope next time I will manage to publish on Sunday...

I pray that you find inspiration and comfort in God's Word.

God bless!

Stepan Janca


Dear friends,

Don't be afraid - the invitation today is only virtual.

Unfortunately the churches are closed in the present circumstances, and
it includes our church in Lockerbie. But if you want to feel the
connection and have some time to spare, please try the following link:


There will be NO SERVICES at

either of our Churches until

further notice.

Please contact us if you need us.


If you need to contact the Minister Rev. Štĕpán Janča please telephone him at the manse on 01576 204 188,  or +420 739244607 or if you would rather send him an  Email